Launch your web-to-print business today with!

Config2Print Subscription
from 25€ per month for a web-to-print solution*
Perfect to start a web-to-print business or optimize your print shop !

  • Unlimited Products
  • Up to 5 sites
  • Config2Print API access
  • Custom medias library
  • Maintenance and evolution
  • Unlimited storage
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*Fee for access to the application during a month, hosted by us on the Amazon Cloud. License includes maintenance and updates of the application during the contract period.

Cost per order is additional (provisioning of Hi-Def PDF of customizations). Ordered products are billed at the end of each month.

Hosting of your data (Customization Elements, Pictures of your customers, PDF generated by Config2Print) on Amazon S3 (replicated and secure data). An additional hosting fee can be charged if you pass your account limit.