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Offer Small Medium Large
Price 25€/month 200€/month 500€/month
Included PDF export* 0 100 Unlimited
Additional PDF export* 2€ 1,5€  – 
Media storage** 100Go 200Go 300Go
Server 1vCPU – 1Go 1vCPU – 2Go 2vCPU – 4Go
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* Your customer can create as many product as they want. When they order, each customized product is exported into PDF format. We count the number of export done each month. The price of additional export is applied for each export not included into your offer, and charged monthly in addition to the price of your offer.

** Hosting of your data (Customization Elements, Pictures of your customers, PDF generated by Config2Print) on Amazon S3 (replicated and secure data). An additional hosting fee can be charged if you pass your account limit.