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Provide your customers with intuitive and easy to use tools, and offer more customization options than your competitors.
Web-to-print is now at your fingertips thanks to Config2Print!

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[tourtab]Config2Print use the Adobe® Flash® player, installed on most computers.

Your customers don’t have to download and install a software to start personalize a product. Config2Print is directly launched on your site and just a mouse click away.
Config2Print - No Installation
Few customers take the time to download an application. With Config2Print, they can very quickly test the customization of a product. Fully hosted on the Amazon Cloud, we can evolve the application very easily, without any update for your client.

Adobe® Flash® Player is the world’s most pervasive software platform, used by over 3 million professionals and reaching 99% of Internet-enabled desktops in mature markets as well as a wide range of devices.[/tourtab]

[tourtab]Config2Print offers a larger work area than most other tools, which allows a more accurate personalization, and reassure your customer on the final rendering.
Config2Print - Maximum Working Quality
All manipulations are done in drag and drop, as simple as a manual creation. The user directly manipulates the outcome, and view its changes in real time.

Furthermore the application offers the user the ability to zoom in on part of the product for even more precision; this allows using Config2Print to edit professional documents.[/tourtab]

[tourtab]With Config2Print you can personalize Photos Albums, Business & Invitations cards, Flyers, Canvas, Calendars, Mugs, Stickers, … or any other printable !

In Application Back-Office, you set yourself the format you wish to offer to your customers. You easily manage flatplan, naming pages, bleeds, resolution, output files… you are autonomous and create as many formats as you want.
The application also offers various previews by product type: Flipbook, in context, 3D, …

[tourtab]You can enhance your pictures with a tones of effects. With one click, you turn your photo in black&white or sepia, you apply a tint to fit your creation. You can also easily add a drop shadow, a reflection, or one of the many effects available to you.


Provide your users with items library to decorate their creations: Backgrounds, Stickers, Photo Frames, Masks. You can easily add items to the collections, and you can sort by themes, well you make available only the elements related to the product being customized. Similarly, you are autonomous in the management of available fonts in the application. You can add your own fonts and will be instantly available to your customers ![/tourtab]


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[tourtab position=”right”]We generate for you an Adobe High Definition PDF© file, not flattened, with bleeds consideration.

High Resolution PDF
This file is available from our back office and added to the print queue for your printer so that your orders are automatically printed (via FTP).

You can download below some examples of generated PDF files:


[tourtab position=”right”]Whether you have a shop or not, Config2Print is really fast to integrate. An API is available to you as well as the documentation necessary to easily integrate Config2Print into your system.

Config2Print API
Secured by SSL 256-bit, API allows to launch the application with one of your products, display a preview or thumbnail, generate PDF to production and this regardless of your system. The application integrates seamlessly with most ecommerce solutions like Magento, Prestashop, OsCommerce, …

[tourtab]You want to allow your customers to customize your models? We will make available applications that allow you to import your Photoshop documents.
Documents Import